Music Video App


The Music Video App uses the iTunes API to get the top 200 music videos.

For any employer who would like to see the source code please send me your GitHub username and I will grant you access. The repository is marked private as this is only available to my paid students.

This course includes:

Over 77 lectures and 15.5 hours of content!
Lifetime access
30 day money back guarantee!
Certificate of completion

Have you taken an iOS course that has left you with more questions? Do you have the basic fundamentals, but want to take your knowledge to the next level? You can Step It Up using REST-APIs. Through this interactive course, you will have the opportunity to use available APIs to build apps that are specific to your interests and bring value to your potential customers.

This course incorporates 12 sections including a bonus component that simulates how to create your own app through practice using a music video app. We will build the app from scratch following the model-view-controls design pattern and best coding practices. Within building the music video app, there is opportunity for hands on practice to apply the newly acquired skills to your own concept through challenges and exercises. The course is designed to be taken consecutively as the sections will build upon the prior and eventually add functionality to building the music video app. After the completion of this course, you will have the opportunity to continue your education by watching a new lecture presented every month. Your feedback will determine the direction of additional contents in the bonus section.

I look forward to taking this journey with you.