iOS 9 and Swift 2: Step It Up! – The Bonus Section

iOS 9 and Swift 2: Step It Up!.
The next journey for those who have completed the course is about to start. I am very excited because you decide the direction.

My goal was to create a course that would be different, interactive and a place for all of us to constantly learn, grow and share information. As I mentioned in the lectures I am also learning from you. We are all in this together. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work with you all.

I just wanted to share with you some of my thoughts on how the bonus section should move forward. I will soon be sending out a list of topics based upon feedback in the discussion boards, e-mails from other students and what I had tentatively planned. Looking at using google docs to have everyone add and vote on the content and priorities. I will be sending out educational announcement in April with the draft list. This document is a work in progress and will constantly be revised based upon your feedback.

Since this course is focused on best coding practices, I decided to have the first few bonus lectures on how we can further optimize our code. I will be sending out a special link just to the students who have completed the course. It is important to first complete the base class before watching these additional bonus lectures. I am planning on shooting these videos in the first week of April.

I am currently finishing up a video on Xcode Plugins – Alcatraz, Package manager for Xcode to discover and install plugins. This is a topic that is not discussed much and increases productivity for you as a developer within Xcode.

I like to have lectures on topics that are not available in other courses or topics that I feel have not been explained properly.

Please continue to share your thoughts, ideas, projects on the discussion boards. The discussion boards are not just for problems. I’m trying something new in April, look for some video responses on certain questions in the discussion boards.

I want other students to collaborate, network and work together. Lets make this course the best it can be and Step It UP!


Michael A. Rudowsky


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